Planters for greener spaces!

Nowadays, the densely populated parts of cities do not have many green spaces. Urban green spaces could, however, improve the micro climate, clean the air and benefit the mind.
Paved surfaces and the utilities underneath often do not allow green spaces. This situation requires modern, aesthetic as well as practical solutions. Large planters, or planting containers or planting crates, are an ideal choice. The planters of urbM are true urban pieces. The wide range of sizes, shapes and colours as well as the technical solutions offer a perfect solution for “making green streets”.

Think colourfully!

Colours and impacts are important design elements as they create identity and ensure high recognition value and value conservation. Because colours do not only inspire but also cause emotions in combination with structure and view. Thanks to advanced powder coating, we can paint our products to colours and textures according to mainstream trends and modern design, besides conventional RAL colours. Choosing the ideal colour is easy with our colour cards and coated sheet samples.

Anti-graffiti protection

The colour RAL 7016 is an anti-graffiti coating that allows removing graffiti paint from the planters with the right solvent. If you have a different colour in mind but anti-graffiti coating is required, then we can also burn a transparent anti-graffiti powder-coating layer on the base colour.
If you chose a wood-and-metal planter, we can also apply anti-graffiti protection to the metal surface and coat the wooden surface with water-based anti-graffiti protective varnish.