Maintaining the ecological balance of our planet requires an environmentally conscious mindset.
To this end, we make the urbM products by
– using excellent materials sourced in Hungary as much as we can in order to reduce transport-related CO2 emission,
– using recyclable materials,
– using environmentally friendly heavy-metal-free powder coating and wood finishes that are not harmful to the environment or humans,
– pursuing sustainable manufacturing processes, the responsible use of resources, and generating the least possible amount of waste during production.

List of the materials we use:

Our manufacturing processes always use galvanised steel to ensure high quality.

Dip-galvanised steel
Dip galvanising provides durable surface protection against rusting.
Colour: matte grey.
Maintenance: no special maintenance required.
Strong solvents (graffiti removers) could shorten the durability of hot galvanisation.

Electrostatic powder coating
Perfect corrosion protection against environmental impacts while satisfying all aesthetic requirements.
Colour: All RAL colours are available, including those of the latest trends.
About 80% of the classic RAL colours are available in fine-structure and matte versions as well.
Anti-graffiti protection: the polyurethane powder coating enables graffiti removal from the surface.
Available colours: RAL 7016, or colourless protective varnish applied on any RAL colour.
Maintenance: periodic surface inspection and correction of potential scratches and defects with correction paint.
Graffiti removers and strong solvents could cause considerable changes in the powder-coated surface.
Graffiti remover solvents do not cause any change to our anti-graffiti powder-coated products.

We use stainless steel ropes for our plant climbing net. We can also make our products from stainless steel for special needs.
Its surface can be sanded or polished.
Maintenance: no special maintenance required.

Our manufacturing process allows for the making of custom products from corten steel.
Corten steel has a special appearance thanks to the rust layer on its surface.
The tarnish layer developed by environmental impacts (rain or air pollution) does not only provide a special aesthetic experience but also protects against further corrosion.
Surface: the right tarnish layer could take a long time to develop. We accelerate this process with a special surface treatment procedure.
Maintenance: no special maintenance is required, the rough surface is graffiti and sticker resistant.

Wood is a part of our natural environment as well as an important construction material.
We use the following wood types for our products:

A very common type of wood with good characteristics. With proper surface treatment, it can retain its beauty for a long time.
Surface treatment: outdoor hydro oil coating that forms a strong shield for wooden products against harmful environmental impacts.
Maintenance: annual cleaning and reapplication.

Black locust
The black locust is a fast-growing tree species with excellent hardness and extreme resistance, making it a perfect alternative to the tropic species used for the same purpose.
Surface treatment: oil.
Maintenance: annual cleaning and reoiling.

Dip-galvanised steel


Electrostatic powder coating


Stainless steel


Corten steel




Black locust