urbM – Quality furniture for community-creating spaces

To make spaces more atmospheric, to make towns more liveable. These are the goals for which it is worth taking everyday challenges, said Éva Kikindai, owner of De Bonum Kft.

The company’s experts work on making outdoor spaces unique, spectacular and semi-natural for urban residents.The same mentality drove the MADERA outdoor furniture shop (established in 2005) where, besides design furniture, furniture and smaller plant pots made of Hungarian black locust dominated the range.

The company’s commitment and the constant high quality of the products generated increasingly high demand for large planting pots as well as urban benches and chairs made of wood and metal.

Responding to demand, the manufacturing of public furniture started with the involvement of industrial designer Zsigmond Pásztor over ten years ago, and it developed into a new brand, urbM.

What difference can urbM make to its partners?

  • Production in Hungary makes us outstandingly flexible.
  • We take specific needs into account to the maximum extent.
  • We offer constant and outstanding quality.
  • We focus on unique and spectacular design.
  • We offer a wide range of environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Our designers and landscapers ensure usability as well as elegance.
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