Urban benches – Take a seat in the city’s living room!

Nowadays, public spaces are the living rooms of cities. These spaces offer recreation and relaxation. Sitting on an urban bench is great for conversation, reading a newspaper, admiring nature or for chance encounters. Urban benches allow us to turn to one another.
It is important for everyone to feel close to nature amidst the city. Durable and quality street furnishings can easily provide that.

The harmony of the view, quality and usability is key when it comes to urban benches. That is why we have designed our benches for quality as well as design and function.

Key features of urbM urban benches:

  • We use quality materials sourced in Hungary to ensure quality design.
  • The fine contrast between wooden and metal parts ensure that they fit into modern and classical environments alike.
  • Wide range of colours, special design.
  • With anti-graffiti protection, if required.