Outdoor litter bin: to protect the environment
„Cleanliness makes the environment more beautiful” – goes the saying. And how true that is! The clean environment is a cornerstone for a liveable city. Keeping public spaces clean and protecting the environment are, therefore, in the common interest. In everyday life, this can only be ensured with carefully placed litter bins.

What requirements does urbM’s outdoor litter bin meet?

  • It is vandal resistant, theft resistant and damage resistant
  • Its attractive shape discretely fits into the city view and improves the aesthetical value of the environment.
  • Its is made of durable and weatherproof materials that are ideal for busy public spaces.
  • Stainless steel ashtray
  • Only the service personnel can open it
  • Easy and quick to empty
  • It has a practical, removable dip-galvanised inner steel container

Where are they recommended?

  • outdoors, for example in city centres,
  • on public roads
  • in pedestrian areas
  • in outdoor spaces
  • around commercial buildings and schools.